Friday, July 24, 2009

Heating Up The Blue Lagoon

I must apologise to my reader for the lack of updates - the excitement of The Goddess and Queen Toy Toy releases overshadowed everything momentarily. Though a showing of a fabulous video on Clubland TV reminded me of a post I said I was going to do before Evacuate The Dancefloor appeared.

Hunky David

German band Blue Lagoon are the reason bisexuality was invented. The sexy couple Estrella and David O'Joseph would convince the most ardent hetero or homo to swing the other way... For further proof, check out the video for their debut German Gold selling single Break My Stride. note the crotch thrusting at the 2:14 mark...

Fancy A Sandwich?

The couple specialise in reggae covers of classic tracks with hits in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Denmark as well as various other countries across Europe - though they have yet to break the UK despite AATW almost giving them some promotion.

Stunning Estrella

Having released two albums Club Lagoon and Sentimental Fools, the dishy duo are hopefully working on a third while raising their family.

You can visit their website where you can preview the albums and find a few more videos on youtube. All pictures were shamelessly borrowed from their myspace page.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evacuate The Dancefloor Review

It has been just over a week since I got my hands on the latest aural scriptures from The Goddess, Evacuate The Dancefloor which follows hot on the heels of their UK #1 single of the same name so its about time I reviewed it for the unbelievers.


Evacuate the Dancefloor
Fabulous opening track and a club stomper. Though I don't see the CaCa rip off that some claim. A bit different from the usual Cascada sound, but still a future classic. Not quite up there with What Hurts The Most or Miracle, but still excellent.

Hold On
Starts off a bit badly, almost like a terrible midtempo "indie" track and turns into typical Cascada. Not the best track to follow such a great opener.

Everytime I Hear Your Name
Similar to Everytime We Touch, only with the verses fast and the first half of the chorus slower. A decent track that manages to sound fresh and new despite following the tried and tested formula

Ready Or Not
Another heavy hitting dance anthem that will probably take the clubs by storm though it could easily have fitted onto the revious album Perfect Day.

Note To Dannii: This Is Called Promotion.

A fan favourite that merges the more electro sound of the title track with the classic Cascada sound. Think Booty Luv's Some Kind Of Rush but harder and with a hint of guitar. Rumoured to be the next single.

Hold Your Hands Up
A quite tender downtempo number featuring stunning Natalie showing off her sultry vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar and some drums. Lovely.

A bit of an odd one. Reminds me of Kids In America with its slightly rockier edge. I can see this getting full remix treatment for the clubs though.

The Goddess back to doing what she does best - Hi NRG dance - though this has an added menacing undertone. A video has been filmed (though it seems to have vanished from youtube) so it may be a future single somewhere.

Stunning Natalie showing off another two massive hits

Why You Had To Leave
Very much Cascada by numbers and one of only two substandard / filler type tracks.

What About Me
Yet another hands-in-the-air floor filler though with a bit more of an electronic edge than similar track on the previous two albums

Draw The Line
Absolutely stunning ballad where busty beauty natalie showcases her large lumgs with only a piano for company. The highlight of the album and hopefully it will get a single release.

Overall, far better than previous effort Perfect Day and on par with Everytime We Touch only let down really by the second track taking away from the momentum of the first. Dannii would kill for an album this good.
Bap Rating: Dannii's WMDD's

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Goddess Triumphant!

$ucce$$! Stunning Natalie Horler has claimed her rightful place atop the UK Charts. Despite a publicity stunt by Michael Jackson attempting to claim the title with an old song by dying, Cascada's latest club stomper Evacuate The Dancefloor ascended to the throne from its midweek position of #3.

Take that Dannii! The true Queen Of Clubs is here.

Remember to buy the stunning new album of the same name - out Monday! (or now!)