Friday, July 24, 2009

Heating Up The Blue Lagoon

I must apologise to my reader for the lack of updates - the excitement of The Goddess and Queen Toy Toy releases overshadowed everything momentarily. Though a showing of a fabulous video on Clubland TV reminded me of a post I said I was going to do before Evacuate The Dancefloor appeared.

Hunky David

German band Blue Lagoon are the reason bisexuality was invented. The sexy couple Estrella and David O'Joseph would convince the most ardent hetero or homo to swing the other way... For further proof, check out the video for their debut German Gold selling single Break My Stride. note the crotch thrusting at the 2:14 mark...

Fancy A Sandwich?

The couple specialise in reggae covers of classic tracks with hits in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Denmark as well as various other countries across Europe - though they have yet to break the UK despite AATW almost giving them some promotion.

Stunning Estrella

Having released two albums Club Lagoon and Sentimental Fools, the dishy duo are hopefully working on a third while raising their family.

You can visit their website where you can preview the albums and find a few more videos on youtube. All pictures were shamelessly borrowed from their myspace page.


Mike said...

I seriously think you should start an AATW fan blog. That would be fierce! I really like Blue Lagoon. They are so much fun and there trashy reggae jams are almost as stunning as La Toya's grammy winning opus "Reggae Nights"! They should tour Australia.

tommie said...

Oh, I remember these; they had a hit with Break My Stride a few years back - horrible, horrible band.

Fuck writing about AATW - you should WORK for AATW!

Seth said...

That guy is hot! you have to make a Startin' Over review and a tribute to the fantastic Home =)

Seth said...

Jay!!! where are you!!?

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