Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The HITS and FLOPS of the week!

Finally, something I post on here gets the success it deserves! Mentioed by myself in an earlier random post, the fabulous Number 1 by Tinchy Stryder featuring N-Dubz claimed the top spot in the UK Singles Chart last week, and looks set to hang on for a second week! Yay! Congratulations to Tinchy, Tuslia, Dappy and Fazer for this well deserved $ucce$$.

You can view the stunning video here.

N-Dubz also confirmed that they have sold over 400,00 copies of their debut album Uncle B

Take that Dannii! Another AATW act that has topped the charts...

And even better news for VILE talentless trollps Hoez Afoul! Not content with the news that they may split asunder like Slutty Sarah's legs at z-list hangout Chinawhites with Racist Cheryl going solo and rent-a-beard Nadine supposedly doign the same, it looks like their latest SHITEFEST is going to be their first official FLOP and miss the Top 10!

And not before time!

However, it has brought out the CUNTS in force - just look at what one deranged GAyer had to say...

"... because whereas The Loving Kind would have gotten away without this kind of thing (just), Untouchable NEEDS this treatment.

I was thinking, instead of us fans buying 20 copies each, fans should be buying 50 copies each. What's £90 or whatever when their Top 10 run is at stake? It is our duty to do this.

This is why I'm setting up the Facebook page 'GET UNTOUCHABLE INTO THE TOP 10 - MULTI-BUY'.

If we say get, 1000 members from the UK signing up, who'll all pledge to buy 50 CDs/Downloads/Vinyls each (With CDs, separate transactions and in separate stores - so some travelling around the country will be involved here), then we could get them selling 50,000. And then with the amount it'd sell ordinarily, it could have a good chance of #1.

Click here and join up... Facebook Group"

Desperate! Deranged! Deaf! What a waste of dole money...

Yes that IS a picture of purchases of one format made by that pathetic CUNT. On Monday alone! And they did the same for their previous aural turd...

Makes DULLta's Cultists look positively sane by comparision - the record for bulk purchases being 37 copies of the almost bearable second album Mistaken Identity and at least they were spread across different formats from different (well three) countries...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Top 10 $ucce$$ for Dannii!

Take that Kylie and haters! Dannii's massive mammaries have boosted her into the Top 10 of the FMH Hot 100 Hall Of Fame! beating strumpet Jordan, egotistical Miss Tyra and epilectic banshee Beyawnsay to a respectable #8 - her biggest hit since heaving her WMDD's out for the video of You Won't Forget About Me back in 2004.

This is what the wank addicts at FHM had to say:


Dannii Minogue

Highest Ever Position: 10

Career High:Transforming herself from awkward teen tearaway Emma Jackson in Home And Away, to voluptuous pop vixen in the early Nineties – upping her cup size to a magnificent “D” in the process.

Snippet: “I’ve been in Playboy in Australia. I loved it. I think it's really empowering and positive towards women.” Hear! Hear!

$ucce$$! To celebrate, here are Dannii's Top 5 sexiest videos:

#5 I Begin To Wonder (UK #2, 2003)

In lace gloves and curve-clinging red dress, Dannii romps round an industrial estate.

#4 So Under Pressure (UK #20, 2006)

Sibling suffering has never been so sexy! In sympathy with sister Kylie's illness, Dannii frolics with her lipstick lesbian dance troupe and squeezes her famous rack into a tight white bikini to writhe suggestively with an albino python.

Watch the video here.

#3 All I Wanna Do (UK #4, 1997)

Busty blonde Dannii's first video appearance, featuring sexy showering Dannii, ample cleavage and vintage internet porn surfers!

#2 You Won't Forget About Me (UK #7, 2004)

Heaving out the WMDD's made this one of Dannii's most-watched videos.

Watch the video here.

#1 Put The Needle On It (UK #7, 2002)

Dirty hands, she demands! Seductively posing astride a massive 12"er, pole dancing and rubbing herself against a wall that grows invisible hands while showcasing her buxom breasts in sexy cutting edge designer clobber. It must have been cold on set...

All hail the kWeN oV kLuBz1111