Thursday, May 28, 2009

Official: Kylie is OVAH DA HILL!

Aged Aussie strumpet Kylie Minogue today officially joins the poopoo in Ye Middle Age! The sexy songbird turns 41 today, which makes her ancient by pop standards and according to the brain dead FLOPjustice followers (and rather ironically by Trolls Of The poopoo). Despite the fact that most producers are in their late 30's - early 40's and fashion is decided by 60 year old fat MINGERS...

To celebrate, here are my Top 11 Kylie videos:

#11 Wow (2008)

#10 Finer Feelings (1991)

#9 Give Me Just A Little More Time (1990/1991)

#8 Red Blooded Woman (2004)

#7 On A Night Like This (2000)

#6 In Your Eyes (2002)

#5 Word Is Out (1991)

#4 Breathe (1998)

#3 All I See (2008)

#2 Where Is The Feeling? (1995)

#1 Chocloate (2004)


Mike said...

I'm so happy to see "All I See"! LOL - it's a classic. I love "Word Is Out" too and "Give Me Just A Little More Time". I personally love "It's No Secret", "Wouldn't Change A Thing" and "GBI".

Seth said...

Happy birthday to Kylie!! certainly my favourite video is GBI.